Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Those evil typosquatters

Robert Anglon, AZ republic, Dec 24, 2011, says to watch out for criminals who use bad spelling to their advantage.

There is a joke in there somewhere—but continuing on…

These twits deliberately take you to a bogus website by misspelling one word in the url. There are as many as 2,000 of these typosquatters hunched out there waiting to get your info. Or infiltrate your whole computer.

Best Buy, Walmart, Apple—all have bogus counterparts you might type in. Say you type wallmat.com—the site would look legit, but your credit info will be captured. Apple could have three P’s.

These geniuses also add a different suffix—instead of .com, they put .net., spelling the rest correctly.

Some people will enter that.

Fake quizzes or offers like a free iPad—these are ways to get you also.

Yes—this is illegal but it’s hard for companies like Go Daddy to quash all of it.

Some companies like Amazon do register every misspelling they can think of so the bag guys can't use them--but this is only a partial solution.

So type slowly…

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