Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Those flight attendants

Allure (Nov) had some random stuff on being a flight attendant.

In the 12th century, Bona of Pisa, a nun, helped religious pilgrims. She was made patron saint of flight attendants in 1962.

In 1926, the average number of people on a flight was 12—the copilot served the meals.

In 1930, a nurse from Iowa named Ellen Church applied to be a Boeing pilot and was turned down, so she suggested Boeing hire nurses—she became the first stewardess, as they were called then.

In 1967. the memoir—supposedly—called Coffee, Tea or Me was published.. It was bogus and written by a man.

In 1970, it was ruled illegal for flight attendants to be required to be single. The term flight attendant was also coined in the 70s.

And—you can be fined $25K for disobeying a flight attendant. Alec Baldwin, call your service.

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