Monday, January 23, 2012

Work in health but no icky stuff

Ken Alltucker writes about health care IT—it’s a comer. (AZ Republic, Jan 22, 2012)

De/recession or no, people are going to get sick. So anything "health" may be a job find.

In the case of IT, health care is adding more digitization thanks to that Obamacare thing.

States are launching initiatives, the feds…it’s the rage. The Dept of Labor thinks this could be good for 50,000 jobs.

Here in AZ there are some grants for tuition to get up to speed on this. People get a Certificate of Management of Clinical Information Technology.

At first laid-off IT workers grabbed this. Now more health care workers are getting into it so they can move to a different job.

At a local place here, 2/3 of those who finished the certificate program found jobs.

Hospitals and doctors, experts say, prefer health-trained IT people to plain old IT people. The health people can sling the lingo better.

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