Thursday, January 26, 2012

Would you rather eat spiders?

Someone once said a survey showed many people would rather eat spiders than give a talk.

Yeah, well—you may not get that choice.

To get good at speaking, you need to speak.

First, practice. Try out your spiel on friends and family. Work up to a meeting table of people. It’s not like you are Mick Jagger facing down thousands and thousands.

Be passionate—says Jordan Hamm in the AZ Republic, Jan 15, 2012.

Then, work up—volunteer for panels. You will have to speak less than if you are the sole speaker.

Also, keep it interesting. Maybe I will write on how to do a speech another time. A few core points. Slow it down…only try a joke if you are funny.

Now--check out the appetizer in that picture. Does it make a few short remarks look doable?

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