Thursday, January 12, 2012

Youngsters get the business at BizTown

A while back, I wrote on kids learning business skills and wondered if they still have Junior Achievement, an organization from my day.

They do!

Kerry Fehr-Snyder, AZ Republic, Dec 23, 2011, wrote about a BizTown, a Junior Achievement “town” at an elementary school.

The kids create businesses—the execs make more than the workers. The paychecks are smaller due to taxes being taken out. They have staff meetings.

There is a bank, but it only lets kids take out $2 or less, so they will have something left.

The Achievers write checks, plan. The teachers have 19 hrs of training—there are also parent volunteers.

Big companies like Best Buy, US Airways, Papa John’s and others sponsor the effort.

At the end of the BizTown business day, nine of the 15 companies paid off their starter loans, selling pencils, stamps, and other items.

And yes, the execs wear suits.

Bet no one calls THEM “vulture capitalists.”

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