Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Avoid money pit

Ellen James Martin, AZ Republic, Feb 19, 2012, says some people think a real estate recovery is underway—some don’t.

If you do entertain the idea of going for the low interest rates, both neighborhoods with lots of foreclosures and those on the upswing can be OK, if your priorities are clear.

First look at square footage. Very large houses are less in demand these days. They cost to heat and cool and fix. Look at square footage, in other words—compare.

Look for 2-3 full baths.

Visit the nabes, at least virtually…Use Google maps—is the house facing a busy street or a school or waste plant.

How about those hidden costs. Oh, yes, my babies—those hidden costs. Look for good bones—new appliances, sturdy roof, not just paint and carpet colors.

Do you like open spaces or lots of small rooms? Check that out.

I often almost cry regretting my house purchase. I need a new stove. I had to get a new roof…but still, we need a place to live.

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