Friday, February 10, 2012

C'mon, buy some cool stamps

The PO lost a few billion more over Christmas. Be a sport—support the one thing the govt ever did that benefited people—the Post Office.

And that is only quasi-governmental these days, as it is.

I get the Philatelic catalog. I guess it’s for stamp collectors—but I get it so I can mail things with cool stamps.

That may sound dumb, but people actually notice stamps and say nice things—even creditors have called and said, got the check, neat stamp.

I know it’s corny.

I have had stamps with iconic American dreamobiles on them. Pixar stamps with Toy Story characters. Comic characters from the newspaper. And now—Owney, the mascot of the Railway Mail service.

This scroungy mutt was brought to the Albany PO in 1888 and when his postal clerk owner left, he stayed. He loved lying on mailbags. He would jump on a train to get on them. He traveled across the country…then he jumped on ships and eventually went around the world by himself—with metal tags affixed to his collar by the PO.

He was a good luck charm…no train he rode on every derailed or had an accident.

He sort of met with a bad end—no, not the dead letter box. But close.

Anyhow, you can get an Owney stamp. And many more.

I call (800) 782-6724. Get the catalog. Get some Owneys…or make them look up the Pixars. It costs a dollar extra to order rather than get those flag deals at the grocery store.

Those are so boring….zzzzz….pflut….

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