Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Decluttered--not nasty neat

I define nasty neat as compulsive, every fringe going in the same direction and so on.

My idea of decluttering is to cut down on the big chunks.

If you want to sell your house, you need to do this. Everyone says so.

The words “crammed” and “stuffed” cannot apply.

Apparently a would-be buyer would not identify with toiletries on the counter and junk in the garage. I am not sure why not—but I guess it might be distracting. People only overlook their OWN clutter.

So—sigh—remove all photos and toys.

Someone recommended throwing a packing party—to me that is another thing to worry about—a darn party!

Play music while packing and stowing—it speeds up the process.

Or hire an organizer.

Check out a place called the Institute for Challenging Disorganization—www. challengingdisorganization.org—to find help.

That sounds pretty …er..organized to me.

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