Monday, February 6, 2012

Everyone hates everyone--now what?

Personal attacks—this is the season…Liar, toady, rich guy, failure!

On and on.

Marty Latz,, says there is a way to deal with the personal if it slops onto you.

First, if someone in a meeting or on a website, attacks you as a person, not just your idea, smart or dopey, don’t lower yourself to respond in the same way.

Instead, focus on your goal. Personal attacks usually come when you are scoring points—they are a distraction.

Take a break if things get heated. A cooling off period, even if hot coffee is involved.

Consider going over the person’s head—is there someone else I could talk to. Be careful with this one.

The stronger your Plan B, the better your leverage. If Plan A is abandoned, they are less like to launch a personal attack over Plan B. They might be afraid they will get their own Plan B and not a compromise.

If all else fails, I find passive-aggressiveism is pretty satisfying—just don’t respond. It is infuriating to the other side.

If all this punks out, then the person is a HUGE DOODYHEAD!

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