Friday, February 3, 2012

Hair today, looking tomorrow

Ad Age (Jan 29, 2012) had a story on how gray hair can sink people trying to get an ad exec job.

Say the agency you want to work in caters to youth—uh-oh.

They had an example—a guy who invented online games, and did TV and print for young people.

But—kiss of death—he was a silver fox.

He got told he wasn’t “cutting edge.”

That means young.

“There were times I said this just sucks,” the guy remarked.

The ad industry is bad—or particularly bad—because they laid off a lot of people and when they began taking people back, they wanted the social media and digital types.

According to the Pew Research Center, 40% of people unemployed more than six months suffer lower self-respect.

Well, yeah.

Also, according to one recruiter in this story, for creatives, you need to know what’s hot, what’s cool, what website is the rage (do people say “rage”?), and with age, you may be less aware of those things.

This is wrong, but people think that way.

Also the lunch and cocktail meets are almost obsolete. The guy said he can’t network because his friends are also looking.

Everyone is expendable, remarked one person in this story. “Good-f-cking luck,” said another.

Oh, good grief—I am about to put my head in the oven, except we have an electric stove.

Try Europe—they like experienced people. Why just today, I got a job opening notice for someone to write like Malcolm X—only about the food industry.

See? You have to be very creative and have a sense of the absurd—gray head or no.

These youngsters probably wouldn’t even know who Malcolm X was.

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