Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If the president does not get YOU a job

I see the president sort of tut-tutted a woman whose engineer husband was out of work for several years, saying an engineer should be able to get a job right away.

Well, we know the score, don’t we?

He said for the man to send his resume and he, the president, would see where the fellow was going wrong.

That sideshow aside, we do have to look after ourselves and keep on truckin’.

CareerBuilder says you must fight the fear of rejection. People say no. Happens all the time. But sometimes they say yes.

You must also fight the fear of relocation. A lot of people can’t sell their houses and move, but if you can, and something good comes along, take a hard look.

Don’t be afraid to take a management job. They pay more and you can learn!

And don’t be afraid to fail—we have all sort of failed. Our leadership has failed, some candidates are failing, everyone fails sometime, and often many times. I have failed and failed.

Just grab some handhold and drag back into the race.

I don’t call it positive thinking myself—I call it defiance—they are NOT going to get me, whoever “they” are today.

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