Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keeping the young ones productive

The pattern I see more is the “young ones” riding herd on the older, experienced ones…but CareerBuilder feels we should know how to manage the Facebookers.

They also call them “Linksters.” These people live and breathe technology, likely still live at home, and are often into social activism and “green” stuff (whatever THAT means these days).

These people—this is CareerBuilder now—have short attention spans. They need clear job descriptions and direction, including when to get to work and how long to stay there.

They are used to constant connection and reinforcement. Invite them to everything.

Lead by example in what you wear and how you act.

I think this makes the 20-somethings sound too childish--many have good ideas. But they may have a different concept of work and certainly are not planning to stay at your company forever.

Welcome them—and their gifts—you may know when to get to work, but can you speed up the computer system?

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