Monday, February 27, 2012

Name it and claim it

Naming something is fun—and powerful. You mark it for life—and are part of it, sort of.

Writing in Fast, Matt Gordon and Nick Foley blat on about product naming. Thinking of a new division or inventing something…

First make the name memorable. Don’t just start with A’s or something phone book-related. Don’t we basically throw those away now anyhow?

They cite Yummy Tummy Koalas—which I am guessing is candy, not marsupial jerky or something.

Fill the name with meaning. They cite VISA as an example, saying it has acquired new layers of meaning—access, travel, official status.

Say the name out loud. Schweppes is their example—people love to say it, they claim. To me, an example of a name no one said out loud is Accenture—censure, disapproval.

Google is a name which grew on people...playful.

They also say BlackBerry is a perfect name. I say it followed Apple as whimsical fruit naming.

You also need to sound new—they cite W Hotels. Young, hip. Well- short anyhow.

They love Accenture…Accent on the future. Oh, please…Censure that.

What names do you like? I think Living Social or whatever is it, is a yawn. Groupon sounds like a big fish.

When they did the Chevy Nova--they didn't know Nova means "won't go" in Spanish. Yoops.

Them of course, after you find something you love—it won’t be available for a domain.

That's life.

Now THERE’S a name for a magazine.

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