Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sometimes you have to roll the dice

I am getting a new roof.

Getting a new roof means everyone thinks you are a gullible dope. Everyone has an opinion.

My old roof sort of was gone with the wind. I mean, the monsoon. Actually—I prefer the term haboob.

Every time the wind blew, I would lie in bed thinking of shingles flying. Then in the morning, I would find them in the yard.

This became very depressing. A new roof is $7,000 or thereabouts.

Almost every week someone would come over to the door and offer to fix it…Irish travelers, grifters, weird unwashed types.

Finally, one day, I talked to a nice young man who showed up in a pleasant ride. He looked me in the eye. He had references—they said he did what he said he would. He set me up with my insurance company. He went on the roof with the guy.

And now the roofers are up there, happy for the work. So far, so good. I took a leap of faith. I did this one other time on this scale—and did not lose.

So if you have an opinion—too late.

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