Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Suggestion boxes

I have a suggestion—snark, snark.

I remember once, when I had a “real job,” the association (it was a trade assn) put up a suggestion box.

This was a very hierarchical place full of ex-military—so that lasted about 90 minutes.

I think they thought maybe the serfs would suggest that the bosses make more money. I intuited that that did not happen.

The thing vanished.

My “suggestion” is that you take time to be in a job—in a company—get the lay of the land—before making suggestions.

Don’t barge around in a new job and try to make changes all at once. Be smart, be watchful—be gradual.

Back up changes with results, facts.

Maybe one could be a money-saving idea—don’t spend money on suggestion boxes.

Somehow the idea gets around some offices that the office is a democracy. I don’t think so.

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