Monday, February 20, 2012

Tick tick...60 Minutes nails one

We are way ahead of the so-called cutting edge over here at Hopey Copey—we have been writing about discrimination against older unemployed people for years now.

Call us the bleeding edge.

But I did get a zotz from Sunday’s edition of the old-time mag show—you can see it at: http://

Joe Carbone started a group called called WorkPlace Inc, which raises money to pay companies to employ long-time unemployed workers as “interns” to see how they work out before putting them on.

This may sound irritatingly unnecessary, but apparently it is necessary to get companies to take a chance.

So---in a spirit of pragmatism—let’s get this going across the country. Now. No more posturing, blabby self-serving speeches, just some action.

If this were a govt program—it would fail. But it’s not. Can it be cloned…franchised…something?

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