Friday, February 17, 2012

Why not join the local Chamber of Commerce?

I used to write for the group representing chamber execs in DC—and last week, I went over to the Chandler Chamber of Commerce for a meet and greet.

This reminded me of how chambers have retained their good reputation in the business world—where the Better Business Bureau and others have lost theirs.

Where “leads groups” can cost hundreds or even thousands to join, I was invited to attend at least one free meet and mingle breakfast.

We also used to go to evening mixers at chambers in DC. Free of charge.

Members of the chamber of commerce range from accountants to spas to wireless companies. You can patronize reputable companies with which you have an affinity—your chamber membership.

Chambers also hold frequent educational meetings—how to be in business, how to keep records, books, bid on contracts, fire people without being sued, and so on. The nitty-gritty of business life.

They do paper communications—not everything requires a password—remember newsletters and brochures?

Yes, you will be asked to volunteer for committees and do some work—but in the course of that, you will meet interesting people who may be able to advance your career—or even give you a career.

So…call your local chamber. This is a last-century idea that is still working fine.

I was offered a chance to join for $190…which I do not have at the moment, but I will put it on my wish list.

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