Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coming out at work

Writing in the AZ Republic, Feb 29, 2012, Frances Diamond Grjalva says deciding to come out as gay, lesbian or transgendered can be a difficult decision workwise.

Such disclosures can affect your career—let’s face it.

Overall, psychologists say it can be liberating and favorably affect quality of life.

But despite laws against it, discrimination can appear. Some states do not even have such laws—and treatment of people is based on company rules.

The larger the company, the greater the likelihood that rules are in place.

So…before you go public, be sure you are ready for all repercussions. Go to to review rules in your state.

Take it slow—your immediate coworkers probably know your orientation. Move out from them.

If you are a new hire, watch and wait a while. This is a pretty big element to add to the mix.

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