Monday, March 19, 2012

First, ego surf

Most “experts” recommend that before trying to apply for a bunch of jobs, you see how you are coming off online.

Enter your name in quotes. See if Twitter and FB things come up. Do they reflect well?

You also need to look into the companies you like—and how about finding some you like instead of just those whose ads you run across.

Be confident. Dress professionally. Come early.

You may run into a “behavior” question—this is when the interviewer says describe a certain situation and how you behaved in it.

Collect business cards from the people who interviewed you.

And say, “Is there anything else I can provide—I am very interested in this position.”

Then send a thank you note.

Speaking of dressing well, I watched a dopey show called THE LOVE BROKER and a guy going on a blind date to the museum wore jeans and a ratty shirt, tails out. He even complained that the woman wore a “nice dress.”

The nerve.

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