Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey, lazybones

Night people…day people. Larks…owls. Some people tend to be lively first thing in the morning and others “awake” in late afternoon.

I am a morning person, so of course, like many morning people, I suspect the late afternooners are faking it.

Business guru Harvey Mackay says he wants “He couldn’t sleep fast enough” on his tombstone. Let me guess—morning person.

Of course, he stays up late, too.

He says many CEOs do this—get up early.

Give yourself a good reason to get up, he advises. Work on something you enjoy first thing.

Be sure to get enough sleep, though.

Enlist a like-minded buddy to wake you—and do the same for him or her. Maybe work out.

Never snooze—get right up.

Then he said some stuff about how you never get tired of being successful…etc. I dozed for a minute there.

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