Friday, March 23, 2012

My Facebook password? Sit on a tack

Oh, boy—new employer encroachments. Just because they can, I guess—or think they can.

First it was no smoking at home.

Diet or get fired.

Now, to get hired you may be asked for your Facebook password so some nosy nell can get into your private zones.

You can refuse. Good grief yes.

Two states are trying to make asking illegal.

But some people just do it—they can’t afford not to.

Sometimes they ask you to log in while you are sitting in the interview—and turn it over to the interviewer.

One professor said why don’t they ask for your house keys and toss your drawers and closets.

Some companies also ask employees to sign non-disparagement agreements—saying they won’t trash the company in the social media.

Some days I think I have lived too long. This is completely creepy. We are human beings providing a service, not these people’s bitches.

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