Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Older workers rock

Well, maybe rock a little slowly—but they are fun.

If you are a 20-something and don’t want to hire your Mom—maybe you won’t be if you pick the next over 50-ish.

Was your Mom ever “with the band”?

Did your Mom ever hitchhike across the country?

Does your Mom know your business and how to make you look good?

Maybe—or maybe not. But an older worker may fit this.

Older workers may be best for industries catering to older people—health care, residential living, etc.

They show up, they have that annoying work ethic, which means they work.

They also tend to be people-oriented—schmoozing customers along, conversing, engaging them.

Old but not dead—remember that.

Not dead. Not going on and on about trying to return a hammer to Home Depot. Not cranky--in fact, maybe even interesting!

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