Thursday, March 8, 2012

Others may see you differently

Example: I think I am an amusing cynic. Other people think I am a negative grump.


Anita Bruzzese of Gannett writes about perceptions and how they can influence work life.

Perception is more important than “truth,” even if truth could be determined.

You need to let people know what you are like—but in the context of helping others. If you did something nice for a customer, couch it in terms of how this can help the company and others can do it—just just how great you are.

If only one person thinks you are a drag, try to work on that person.

You may have been raised to be modest and quiet—you may need to amp up your game.

Try to match the boss’s outgoingness.

Hang out with people at work with good reputations—not the …er…negative grumps.

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