Thursday, March 15, 2012

Phone manners can make or break

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, asks what if a would-be employer calls? Often they do a phoner first.

Phone interviews can be crucial

Some people answer with “Hey, how ya doin’?” There may be rock in the background. This is not good.

Don’t use a cell—dropped calls weird noises. Phone interviews—land line.

Don’t use a headset, these can garble.

Don’t multitask—no dishes, no typing. If you are smoking, this also comes across.

Don’t answer on the first ring. When you do—say HELLO. Don’t state your name as a greeting, this says. I do that.

Be sure you have done your homework on the company and position. Read the day’s headlines—in paper or online.

Shut the dog out, get a sitter.

This expert says don’t take the first time offered for the phoner. Act busy.

If the interviewer calls more than 15 mins late—let the voice mail pick up, then reschedule.

I am not sure I am onboard with this hard to get stuff—what do you think?

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