Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Real estate agent needs to work for you

Out here Arizona way, everyone owes more than they can get for their houses and investors are waving cash around and aceing out even those with 20% down.

It sucks.

Ellen James Martin, AZ Republic, Mar 18, 2012, says the key is to get a good agent—for buying or for selling.

People need to sell—they can’t wait for some magical recovery (borne by unicorns). They want the low interest.

But how do you find a good agent? The National Assn of Realtors still has a million members. They are out there.

Keep agents you like—ditch others, is the advice.

Ask a would-be agent about their worst failure in the biz and how they handled it.

Request statistics from them. What percentage of the list price did the homeowner get? How many days was the house on the market?

If you like tact—insist on it. Maybe your house is a mess or needs improvement—see if the agent suggests this nicely.

Tell the agent how much you can spend—which improvements would be best?

Don’t hire a friend or someone just because they are a friend. Also first-timers—yes, they may be hungry but not have a clue how to help you.

Get down and dirty with it—ask anything you want.

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