Thursday, March 29, 2012

Relocating to get work

I am not sure about the term Great Recession—it ain’t so nifty.

But one aspect is that many people have to consider relocating to where the work is.

This has been shown to be a great strain on the family. Members are leaving friends, family, a support system, the familiar--and the loved.

To make it easier, you need to use any and all resources from the new company. Sometimes they can even find the “trailing spouse” a job.

Declutter and think about what can be eliminated in packing.

Videotape all your valuable items and record identifying numbers in case of a mishap or theft.

If the company does not help the spouse, start a job search for that person immediately.

Network immediately—using Linked In and other sites.

For more info, check out

You can do this—although I have to say I learned I did not travel well. Are you flexible? I hope so.

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