Friday, March 9, 2012

Texting bugs me

I don’t have a cellphone—why would I? I never go anywhere.

But people clicking into those little boxes while I am sitting there really annoy me. Maybe I just feel left out…but is what they are saying – um, typing—really so blazingly urgent?

Basically, the texter is having another conversation in front of me.

Is this justified at work maybe? Melanie Yamagucki wrote about this in the AZ Republic, Feb 26, 2012.

First, at work, with those touchscreens—you could send a text to the boss that is not boss material—catch my drift?

If the phone is company-owned this can be an even worse problem—no personal business on company phones.

Yes, sometimes silence is golden—you need to communicate quietly. Isn't this pretty rare--someone cited being in a music editing suite. Rare!

But texting is shorthand-based, not very effective as communication, say with a client.

Information – texting.

Conversation,persuasion, back and forth – voice.

Don’t thumb-out anything you would not want Mom to read. Stay out of trouble.

What gets me is we never needed to do this before—we talked on the phone or when we saw the person…And the earth kept on spinning.

The worst part—one line that ends: From My Blackberry. Oooo—you have a Blackberry! Or a 4G.

What is a 4G—I don’t even know and am resentful.

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