Friday, March 2, 2012

What have you got to lose?

Our little gurus Dale Dauten and J.T. O’Donnell were knocking around the ins and outs of getting a meeting with someone you would like to work for.

The reader had met a CEO at a charity event and wanted to set a meeting.

O’Donnell advised doing some research (maybe Linked In and Facebook, too. Or Tweets).

When you call—ask the assistant how to best get an appointment—enlist that person.

Send an email or letter. Dauten said he had done this once—said he admired the person and how could he get an appointment. The HR person called—he even got a job out of it.

So…take your best shot, be not afraid. Just be respectful and when you figure it’s not going to happen, move on.

The other day, I mentioned to my kid (who loves basketball) that I had once interviewed Elvin Hayes—back in the day. She actually showed respect for me! "How?” she asked. I called and asked, I told her.

It didn’t hurt that it was Washingtonian magazine, but still…you can ask anything. The worst they can say is No—second worst, no response.

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