Friday, April 20, 2012

Ask the doers how to do it better

Our own little backwater. Maricopa County, AZ, actually welcomes new ideas. Lauren Katims wrote about this in Government Technology Magazine.

They actually asked the workers how they could improve efficiency and save money. They called it crowdsourcing with rewards.

One idea was to swap Columbus Day for the Friday after Thanksgiving as a paid holiday.

Another idea was to let employees purchase a parking pass through payroll.

This program is an offshoot of Spigit—from Manor Labs in Manor, TX.

So far, 22% of the county’s employees are participating.

Employees vote and comment on the proposed ideas. Then the ideas with the most page views and comments go to assessment. And then to the development stage.

This gets employee buy-in.

One thing they do I would wonder about is program Spigit to launch when the computer is turned on. I would want to do my email etc before this.

Employees earn funds various ways—which they can cash in for merchandise and other rewards.

So far, no one has cashed in. They are sort of doing it for the glory, the bosses say. I would wonder if the rewards could be amped up.

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