Friday, April 6, 2012

Choosing happiness

My latest mantra is: “I am not dying over this.”

That is my form of positive thinking. When stupid things happen, such as yesterday’s incident of an employer wanting basically a kickback after everything was decided, I first freak out, then decide not to die.

Renie Cavallari, chief inspiration officer at Aspire Marketing (you know where this is going), is all about positivity.

She says to focus on what is right, not wrong. This—she says—creates a positive environment. You can connect with people better. Camaderie, support…

You need to communicate “cleanly”—in terms the other person can “hear.”

Take responsibility, have a higher purpose.

You know an expression I…pardon the expression…hate? “It’s all good.”

It isn’t all good.

But this gal is right in one sense—the bad is not worth dying over.

The unicorn? Oh--just liked it.

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