Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Commonsense and tatts can go together

I have two units—and each carries a story. My first was done by a legendary tattooist in DC—Smokey Nightingale, who is no longer with us. He was pretty rough and tough but would not tattoo necks, faces, or hands.

That is good advice for the workplace. Still. True not all tattoos are skanky prison art done with soot and a needle. But tattoos are still not totally accepted—face it.

Today’s interviewer is looking for a reason to get rid of you in the lineup—that drooling gargoyle on your neck could tip the scales.

A little over a third of people between 18 and 29 have a unit. So it’s not the majority.

I advise putting it someplace you can cover it—my first one was on my back. I have basically forgotten it over the years, which isn’t too much fun.

I also have a unit on my upper arm and wear sleeves to sensitive meetings.

No—not THAT sleeve—which is the name for getting your whole arm covered in art.

That sleeve is good if you are getting into circus work.

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