Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friending your boss

Are you nuts? You didn’t want to hand over your password, did you?

Andres Cano wrote about looping your boss into your private life in the AZ Republic, April 1, 2012.

But bosses often send “friend” requests. Yoops. Now what?

You have to judge your own work environment. Maybe in a jolly, young, college-type job.

Still, 80% of FB users have gotten requests they did not want to accept, but felt they had to.

On strategy is to have Linked In for business—Facebook for non-business.

If you do accept on FB, create a colleagues category and adjust your privacy settings.

Do you really want your boss to know you went to the ballgame when you had called in sick? Or worse—get a load of your bikini lines. Or that you “bought” a cow on Farmville.

Wise up!

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