Friday, April 13, 2012

Hair today--longer tomorrow

That stuff on our heads is a pain—it never just sits there and stays OK.

And it costs.

USA Today Weekend had a story by Michele Meyer on how to put your head on a budget.

First, she says, take longer between visits to the hairdresser. Major reshaping—three times a year! In between, see if an assistant can trim it for less.

Skip salon shampoos or blow-drys.

Go off-hours if rates are lower—or in after-hours training sessions. I would add see if a local beauty school offers lower rates.

Get partial highlights instead of single-process that requires a lot of root work.

Grow your hair.

Well, your body will do that for you—your job is to outwit your hair and your body.

I have long hair, color it myself 3 times a yr—it never gets Carrie Bradshaw rooty so it’s semi-acceptable, and I shampoo every third day.

It works—you just have to get used to not fussing.

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