Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is your resume a career obit?

In this interesting little story: http://blog.simplyhired.com/2012/03/does-your-resume-read-like-an-obituary-of-your-career.html, Simply Hired says too many resumes read like an obituary of a career.

"Here lies Peter Professional’s career, a victim of the current recession. Peter’s career was on life support since his layoff from…." You get the picture…previous jobs all described.

Instead—try to write about the future. Look for common themes in your obit—what things did you do well? Enjoy the most? What terms would others use to describe you? What details can you expand on?

Then identify your target audience—how to grab them. What do they do? How could you make their lives easier? Look at the industry—what problems need solving.

The story then shows a before and after resume. Obit versus forward leaning.

This was written by Norine Dagliano—and she has some chops in resume writing and marketing.

What is this? Basically a functional resume—but a new way of doing one.

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