Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Profit or happiness?

According to Dean Newlund, president of Mission Facilitators, Intl., the Recession has made us redefine success.

Could be, there is more to it than making money. Which is good, because there is less money to be made.

Business could be viewed by how much it helps people and communities.

In Bhutan, they not only measure Gross Domestic Product but Gross National Happiness.

They are seeing a hookup between people, profit and the planet.

Companies should ask (or COULD ask) are we helping employees do more meaningful work? Are we creating sustainable benefits to society? What benefits are we supplying that will be long-term?

Pretty tall order. And I don’t think they mean all this left wing subsidization of wacky new technologies.

Still, we can sit around trying to find the meaning of life--or without being all icky, can try for a life of meaning.

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