Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Think you can teach?

Ryan Clark, Arizona Republic, April 15, 2012, talks about a teaching career—or maybe a teaching SECOND career.

People always think they could “become” a writer, run a bar, or teach. Like those are easy careers just dangling out there awaiting their favor.

I have friend who just spent north of a thousand bucks to be certificated to teach English as a second language. This stuff takes some doing.

Plus—as this writer points out, teaching involves long hours, obnoxious kids, and often, using your own money in the classroom.

Teachers need affection and high expectations for the kids. They are imparting many values in addition to facts and knowledge and thinking skills.

A four-year BA is the minimal requirement. This is split between learning theory and then putting it into practice.

You also have to know the subject matter—science, literature, or whatever it is.

On the upside—you may be off when your kids are home, too. But teachers say making difference in the lives of other people’s kids is an even bigger reward.

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