Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Want to save water? Maybe a wildscape

You can try for it, anyhow. Texas has instituted a Drought Survival Kit—which involves planting low water usage plants and letting them sort of fend for themselves—in a tangle.

Go to texasthestateofwater.org.

We call it xeriscaping here in AZ—rocks instead of plants. Cacti instead of plants (kidding).

You avoid water hogs like grass (out here it comes up anyhow).

Supposedly your yard will be alive with butterflies and hummingbirds.

Mine was alive with home owner’s insurance people with cameras who accused me of having “a jungle back there.”

Mine was also alive with a city code enforcement guy—and a woman who wanted to know if some kindly volunteers could whack my yard.

Soooo…proceed at your own risk. Yards Gone Wild may be a mixed bag.

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