Monday, April 9, 2012

When a major appliance breaks

Joys of home ownership. Stuff breaks. No landlord will be fixing it.

Sue Doerfler, AZ Republic, April 9, 2012, says it’s hard to know whether to repair or replace.

One rule of thumb is if the repair is more than half the cost of the item, replace.

Replacing also lets you take advantage of good things about new models—such as energy efficiency.

Replacing also creates jobs—remember those?

Costs are often going down on electronics, especially. But not on repairmen.

Which brings me to my Maytag stove. Only one burner works anymore. I already spent $300 (which I think was maybe a gyp) on fixing the front burner, which went out a few years later.

So we are talking kinda ghetto here. But stoves are expensive…then I noticed the seal on the fridge is iffy…maybe stainless for both?

Good grief, by the time I can afford that plus a stainless dishwasher—avocado green will be back in.

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