Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are you suited to owning a biz?

Given up on finding a job? Thinking of going into business for your self?

Running a business is tough, especially in an economy where no one has a lot of money to spend.

So, ask yourself…Do you have perseverance? You have to be so focused you are almost defiant!

You need to get all the facts you can—take a course, talk to retired execs, research!

You can’t do it all yourself—you need to be comfortable with delegating. In other words, you need to trust others.

If you are a muller, never quite pull the trigger—this may not be for you.

If you are disorganized…well, this can be bad.

Lives may depend on you—are you conscientious and responsible?

My favorite line re organization was from Roseanne Barr before she got all crazy-political. She drawled, “I am trying to get organized and am bringing all my important papers indoors.”

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