Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can anyone dress anymore?

I work at home—no, I don’t wear bunny slippers, but I do have regular, non-rodent slippers for hot sidewalks outside at mail time.

I also wear shorts—but I spare the populace the spectacle of me in shorts when I go out—and put on my Big Girl pants.

So—basically, we are talking a uniform. Nice colors, jewelry, makeup.

Freelancer Jane Switzer writing in talks about work-at-home duds. One freelancer went to lunch with a lawyer friend and suddenly realized she looked like a dog’s laundry compared with the lawyer.

You do need to show respect in meeting clients and job interviewers. Or even showing your puss in public.

According to Switzer, sweatpants are OK if you are home alone. But if you are going out, do not wear anything you would sleep in.

Get a nice-fitting jacket---men and women. For men, I would add, a blue dress shirt. All men look good in blue. Maybe some khakis, guys.

Men—lose the backpack when venturing out. Especially the one with the ski tags dangling. For women, Switzer says, your purse is an item that can be judged. Ooops—red leopard. Oh, well, I consider leopard a neutral.

Get good quality clothes if you can. Layer. Don’t be afraid of a pattern. Pop with color. Men, too.

I get my clothes from eBay. Don’t tell.

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