Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crook evasion

Sid Kircheimer (AARP Bulletin, May 2012) says before you leave home, alert your credit cards of where you are going. This will stop them from being frozen for being used in an unexpected place.

Stop your mail—a full mailbox is an invitation for trouble.

Take only essential stuff in your wallet, meaning driver’s license and two credit cards. Lock one in the hotel safe. Put your wallet in a buttoned pocket or zipper purse.

Don’t even bring your checkbook.

Now this is weird—create a fake wallet—some old hotel key cards, a few dollars—this is to hand over to thieves.

Leave your debit card at home—if you must get cash from an ATM, do it in a bank lobby not some random store.

Don’t access your bank account on a hotel computer.

Should the hotel desk call at night and say they need your card number again—say no. Some idiot.

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