Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here's a job--social media director for govt

Gossip to the ‘crats. Or relayer of info from the 'crats.

Elaine Pittman, Government Technology mag, writes about this new age job.

First, they discriminate—they want youngsters—Millennials. (Which aren't all that young anymore, by the way.)

Pittman talks about the town of Oak Park, Illinois, a burg of 52,000, which went Facebook in 2009.

Their social media gal had been in the game since Friendster.

Now Oak Park has a YouTube channel, the director answers questions about govt, liasing between the agencies and Facebook. The town also has a Twitter account, where questions turn up.

The director fields questions on weekends.

The town still issues press releases—this is just added.

Chicago, North Carolina—they are all getting hip.

Do people still say hip?

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