Friday, May 18, 2012


I sort of dabbled around for years, but never really “got” it. People (friends of “friends”?) posted all kinds of uninformed drivel I had to scrape off my “wall” a few times a day. Waste of time.

Sometimes people posted cute pix (dogs, cats, which I like, both breeds) but then I learned some of them went to sites full of material made for FACEBOOK posting. That seemed stupid.

Then that Zuckerberg movie came out—I could not even finish it—boring and irritating at the same time.

Then some founding father of FACEBOOK wanted to decamp to Singapore and change his citizenship to protect his billions. What a tool.

Didn’t like the Timeline—didn’t like being played, having this forced on me.

And then to top it off, the IPO—from my reading, to make money, they would have to package up my info and sell and resell it—the ads were not going to cut it. I personally never clicked on one.

Is there life after FACEBOOK—you know what? There may be.

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