Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let them call your present employer?

Dale Dauten and JT O’Donnell, business gurus (seriously, card-carrying) tackle whether you should let your prospective employer call your present one. What if you don’t get or accept the job?

Does saying no hurt you?

Dauten says any decent employer will know this puts you in a potential mess.

You need to say you are presently in a good situation and don’t want to ruin it. Then direct the interviewer to your references.

O’Donnell says you should say, “Yes,you can call, but I would prefer an offer in hand before you do.”

I am not sure how that would be greeted, but these guys are the experts.

I would say, “Gosh, maybe you could wait until you interview everyone and choose me, if you do—this could get me in trouble.”

I might even ask, "What would you advise me to say? If someone on your staff were leaving and you got this call, what would you do?"

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