Thursday, May 10, 2012

Match job to traits

CareerBuilder says instead of looking at what’s available, assess your personality type and decide what job would be best.

Laurence Shatkin wrote a book called 150 Best Jobs for a Secure Future. Then he took the Six Personality Types proposed by John Holland and slammed the two together.

Here they are with suggested fields.

Realistic. I you are practical, hands-on, think about electronics engineer, surgical technologist, or security guard.

Investigative. Look for idea or abstract thinking jobs. Biological scientist, industrial engineering, scientist. Does curiosity itch at ya--this is your group.

Artistic. Jobs that work with forms, designs, patterns—what “looks” best. Graphic designer, translator, interior designer. Or even—artist.

Social. This points to interaction with people. Traning, compliance officer, computer systems analyst.

Enterprising. Go toward leadership positions, startups. Customer service rep, human resources, administrative support.

Conventional. Follow set procedures and routines, deal with details. Budget analysts,admin assistants, computer analysts.

Which are you? Are there other categories? Where would entertainer, cook, movie maker, writer come in--artistic? How about construction, factory work?

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