Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nursing a hot career

Nursing used to be a career women could fall back on if need be. Now it’s a professional field for men and women who want to be in an arena of constant demand for their services.

People are going to get sick. Count on that.

But Cherry Ames is now obsolete—you need to specialize, maybe as a nurse practitioner (seeing patients, prescribing, maybe even in your own practice with other nurses), director of surgical services or director of an ER, for instance.

Home health care is another niche.

You need to pick something and expand your skills. Go back to school if you have to.

And get up to top speed on computers—they are everywhere now, even at the bedside.

I have had super good nursing experiences and others not so great. But nurses make a huge difference both for good…, ill.

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