Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is your life lesson?

The other day, my alma mater asked us to write our own graduation address about what we learned in life.

Naturally, I could not resist dashing off some deathless.

First, I said, “What goes around comes around” is true. If you suffer a slight, eventually the person will revolve back into your sights—or will end up dead while you are not dead. Hmmm…that sounded dark.

Moving along…

I also urged grads not to spend their entire lives trying to reconcile the relationship between talent and virtue and money…it’s random at best. The stupidest, meanest people end up with money and no president or anyone else can change this.

Everyone ends up dead. And many rich people--have you noticed--are sort of weird-looking. Also--taking away their money won't get YOU any more. So why bother.

So what is your life lesson? Keep on keepin’ on is probably my main one…and try for the laffs.

A couple of things, negatively speaking, that I have learned…

It’s not all good.

You cannot get something by thinking about it a lot and visualizing that you already have it.

And life is not a movie—it doesn’t build to a crescendo of achievement, or rarely does. It’s that ups and downs deal. You could end up a huge career speaking to chambers of commerce--or forgetting your entire life.

Still, you never know how many people you touched. The other day, I was thinking about a guy I knew in college who died in Vietnam. He was never forgotten.

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