Monday, May 14, 2012

When you are broke and desperate

Someone tries to cheat you, of course. Easy pickin’s.

Robert Anglen, AZ Republic, May 13, 2012, writes about those creepy online job offers—of course, we know about the people from China who just want someone to process orders. Or the pitiful dying Nigerians who are so very sorry to break into your day with an unexpected windfall.

One of my favorites is the offer to help you if you are cheated by one of the above—just submit bank account info.

There is a whole category of job hunting rip-offs. Be wary if asked to interview for a job that has nothing to do with your skills. Never pay upfront for training products. Don’t give personal financial info—we must check your credit, etc. And never, as I said, agree to act as a middleman.

Do your own research—google the company and any names they provide.

If the company needs a license, check that.

Check local court records.

A lot of jobs you find out about via email are really commission sales—especially insurance jobs. You may be asked to come someplace for an interview—and it’s really a group grope about all the commissions you will (never) earn.

And I am sure you have seen those “I was down to my last nickel and then…” ads. Just laugh knowingly.

Would someone pay you $20,000 for something you never did before? And those envelopes—ever heard of mail houses—they insert mail for fractions of a penny per—why would anyone pay you?

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