Monday, June 4, 2012

Before you push SEND

Tian Chen, AZ Republic, June 3, 2012, says everyone has sent an email to the wrong person.

I have—a catty remark to the person, not a friend. Yoops.

One time, I sent a letter to a whole list saying the list owner was an “old lady.” He wasn’t even female. Ack.

But at work—these amusing little faux pas can cost ya.

Writing about illegal or unethical things the bosses do can result in your termination, not theirs.

If you just send something personal—call and apologize. Try to just put it to bed.

If you get to the end of a bad day and write something—hold it until the next day.

When addressing work emails, write out the whole name—the autoaddresser could put in the wrong person and you might not notice.

Quit using REPLY ALL. Ever.

Remember, once you SEND, it’s gone—and also, the company owns it. Soooo….watch out.

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