Friday, June 1, 2012

Boomer badges

I was a Girl Scout for years…had a ton of badges. I like badges. I want more badges. Why do we have to stop getting them? Who says?

In MORE mag, Carolyn Bucor suggests some badges we could still get.

ROUTINE HOME MAINTENANCE badge. The vacuuming, toilet scrubbing—you are a good scout and this badge is the only thanks you will get.

“I REMEMBER” badge. There are two male singers named Bono. Why did I come into this room? Good! Here’s a badge.

DIDN’T RETIRE EARLY badge. Are you 56 and wnt to work—you get a badge, darn it.

COMPLETE OUTFIT badge…You get this if you wore a coordinated outfit—including accessories.

PRETENDING TO CARE badge. If you really mean it and still have your edge, you wear this on earmuffs.

I usually don’t like Geezer Chic—but these badges are neat. If only I could still thread a needle.

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